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Perusahaan Asuransi Terbaik di IndonesiaBest Insurance Companies in Indonesia 2013
The Best Insurance Company - This time Nesya will share information about the 7 Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia 2013. Increasingly high public interest and welfare of the importance of preparation to make several companies vying to develop the insurance policy and provide the best service. Almost all companies thrive, be it corporate or Conventional Insurance Takaful. To my friend who want to insure themselves should refer first Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia.

Best Indonesian Insurance Company

Best Insurance Company
Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia:
There are so many types of insurance policies such as health insurance, life insurance, investment, education, motor vehicle and home insurance, etc.. Actually there are many insurance companies in Indonesia, but to shorten my readers shorten this post into the Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia 2013.
List of the Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia:
CIGNA, the company established since 1990. Is one branch of insurance company CIGNA Group perpusat in connecticut United States.
AIA Financial, Insurance Company which had stood since 1983, changing the name, starting from PT Asuransi Jiwa Lippo Milky> Lippo Life> AIG Lippo and the last to be AIA Financial.
AXA Mandiri, stu One company owned by one of Indonesian banks, Bank Mandiri and AXA Group.Bumiputera 1912 One of the oldest insurance company in Indonesia stood since 1912 and one of the insurance companies that the principle of mutual share in question with "Mutual Share" means any policyholder dalah company owner.
Allianz, the company established in Indonesia since 1981 which is one of the German branch of Allianz SE, the company is one of the largest insurance companies in the World. Allianz Insurance focus on several types of insurance ie life insurance, health, employee benefit, and pension funds.
Prudential, Who is not familiar with the insurance company on this one. The company often offer insurance at many advertising media in Indonesia either through television and newspaper media. Company that was founded in 1995 (PT Prudential Life Assurance) based in london British State.
Avrist, company that was founded in 1975 (PT Avrist Assurance) is one of the first multinational life insurance companies in Indonesia. This company is an insurance company that provides insurance stout such as life insurance, accident insurance, health, credit insurance, pension, life insurance based on Islamic / Takaful, either individuals or groups.
Manulife, one branch of Manulife Financial which is one of the many life insurance companies in the world. The company was established since 1985 and would have approximately 26,000 employees worldwide.

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